Ray DoHyoung Kim

Ray DoHyoung Kim is a Korean American composer of music for film, media, and concert hall. His early musical career started out with classical performance in clarinet and that quickly transitioned into composition after discovering his passion for writing to picture. Shortly after, he studied concert composition at Jacobs School of Music in Indiana University for his Bachelors, and is currently studying Media Writing and Production in Frost School of Music at University of Miami for his graduate degree. He has forged a distinctly hybrid voice within the colorful landscape of composition, blending traditional and modern sensibilities into a richly melodic amalgamation of styles. Having studied closely with Professors P. Q. Phan and Claude Baker and Indiana University, Ray is knowledgeable in orchestral techniques and the sound it brings. Now studying under Carlos Rafael Rivera, Ray is able to bring his love of orchestral elements both to picture and concert performances. Ray's music has been acclaimed and praised for his eclectic styles that can be seen in his electronic piece accompanied with film that has been showcased in the Big Ten and Lotus Festival. One of his compelling film score works has also been showcased in AMC theaters. Working with the Division of Student Affairs at Indiana University for four years as a composer for their films during his undergraduate college career has given Ray the opportunity to understand field work. With that, having been honored with the National Young Composer's grand prize, chosen to perform in the International Carnegie Honors Performance Series, working with Hans Zimmer's Remote Control Productions, as well as with MNET and CJ America, and scoring numerous short films and commercials, Ray continues to expand his musical vision and numerous understandings about what it means to compose music as a Dean's Scholar at both Jacobs School of Music and Frost School of Music.


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